Notes from Microservices at Hudl

On Wednesday, I went to presentation by the CTO of Hudl on how they do microservices. This is their story. (Most interesting stuff in bold) Initially led to microservices due to organizational issues-whenever a new feature or change needed to be made, it took several different teams. Lack of developer autonomy. Modelled themselves after the […]

What I’m Reading 8/19/2015, the API to voice enable your apps and devices in a Siri like way, raises 3 million and is now free.  Another article telling us why context is important to empowering data.  Evil C++ Hacks aka how to not make friends MIT & Samsung have fixed batteries forever Jepsen v. Chronos (cron for Mesos) Application […]

What I’m Reading 8/18/2015

Typeset.js The typographic pre-processor for your HTML you never knew you needed Falcor Netflix’s JS Library for efficient data fetching. Hacking the Amazon Dash Button LuaJIT Project Governance If you use Lua, or want to, this is potentially relevant to your interests A History of Canada Weakening Encryption Becoming Open Source By Default DB of Artsy, Grape, Mongoid […]

What I’m Reading 8/14/2015

Test Load Balancer – A Java based tool to help distribute your tests Go 1.6 GC Improvements – Learn what we have to look forward to in Go 1.6! Measuring Happiness – Do you know how happy your team is? This team is using Emoji to make their teams happier Frege – Like Haskell by […]

What I’m reading 8/13/2015

Performance w/o the Event Loop – Dave Cheney on how Golang gives us performance without having to resort to Evented code. Docker Tool Box – Boot2Docker is Dead, long live Docker Toolbox. If you use/have used/want to use containers, check this out. Gockerize – Love Go + Docker? Create docker instances of your static binaries […]

Goodbye WePay

Let’s not bury the lead shall we? As of today, I have decided to leave WePay to pursue a new challenge. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the opportunities WePay has given me and am immensely grateful for their support both of me and of the developer community. During my time with WePay I was proud to help support the […]

A Really Simple Slack to Trello Integration [And UserVoice to Trello]

*UPDATE* I’ve added UserVoice to Trello Integration too, via an additional endpoint. Check it out on Github: One of my favorite features of Trello has been the Slack Integration. Every change, addition card-it’s really way too much to digest via email. But having it show up in Slack keeps me on top of it, […]

Using [Idiomatic] Go to Stream the NYTimes Newswire

Here’s what I love about the internet. I post my original blog post to Twitter late Saturday night, and by mid-morning Sunday my friend and host of Go Screencast-Mark Bates, has submitted a pull request tearing apart my Go code. While I’ve written several small Go Apps, I’d never shown my Go to anyone. […]

Using Go to Stream the NYTimes Newswire

UPDATE: Courtesy of Mark Bates, he’s kindly refactored this to make it idiomatic. If you’re interested in the differences, I blogged about it! In celebration of Valentine’s Day, the day every year that I celebrate my longest relationship-one with the NY Times. While I still subscribe to the WSJ, the NYT is undoubtedly my #1. […]

Security in Service Oriented Architecture

I’ve spoken to a few people lately about how to implement a security model in a service oriented architecture. Some people are just putting all their services in the same security group and letting them access whatever they want. Others talk about using a central gateway that handles all the permissions. Still others are having […]