Why HappinessConf?

As a Developer Evangelist and before, I’ve always attended and enjoyed conferences and meetups. My first startup job when I moved to Boston was thanks to someone I met at a startup event. The value of being able to get a jumpstart on new technologies, practices, and creating a strong network is immensely valuable. After starting using Ruby, the power of the community as a developer became immensely evident. The community was more than the professional communities I was use to, it was a collection of friends.

However as a developer who has always taken to trying out new technology as soon as it was viable, I know Ruby won’t be my primary langauge forever. The appetite in the community for learning new technolgies is also strong, with every conference at least a few people talking about an intro to some new language or tool. Which raises the inevitable question-what comes next? How do we, as a community, grow with the changing technological ecosystem without sacrificing the strong community we’ve come to rely upon?

The first step in this search was by attending other communities conferences and multi-discpinlary confereneces. The results were less than ideal. These other conferences were often boring and lacked the spirit and curiosity I found amongst Rubyists. There had to be a way to have a community with the same curiousity, fun, and friendship that I’d found in Ruby without Ruby.

After WickedGood Ruby got cancelled in Boston, it meant there’d be no conference in Boston in 2014. This struck me in a couple ways. The first was that Boston is a top tier technology city, how is it possible that it won’t have a conference? The second was that I wanted to do something about it.

I approached Mark about bringing a conference to Boston and he wanted to do something beyond just a language or multi-disciplinary conference. We knew we wanted to focus on what we loved about technnology and development, the things that made us happy. So we settled on a conference about just that-what we do within our craft to maximize developer happiness.

What do we mean by developer happiness? We mean any parts of the engineering process that lead to developers being happy. That’s mangagement, technology, practice, culture-any aspect really that creates a good environment for developers to be happy.

Every detail of this conference is happiness-focused. We have a truly killer venue and amazing events planned for during the conference. My goal is to have developers leave with actionable ways to improve happiness in the workplace, a network of like-minded individuals, and memories of the amazing events we have in store.

Want to come?

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