Why do you write code?

If you’re reading this blog, you probably write code. Maybe you don’t write it everyday, but you at least know how to and at one point wrote code everyday. I don’t necessarily write application code every single day, but 95% of the time I’m building “stuff”, even if I’m just shaving some yaks.

Most likely, you’re paid pretty well to write code. If you’re not, please email me immediately and I’ll introduce you to the coolest companies I know that are hiring, like WePay. But that’s not why any of us write code. If you read articles in Inc, TechCrunch, or BusinessInsider, you’d think we wrote code in exchange for nap rooms, free food, and unlimited vacation time. The NYTimes recently wrote an article about the “Downsides” of workplace perks we’ve become so accustomed to. To be fair, I like all those things and I’m sure you do too. But those are just perks to allow us to never leave the office.

However to get all those perks, you need to be a productive engineer. I don’t know about you, but I’m not a productive engineer if I’m not enjoying what I’m building. I certainly don’t enjoy all aspects of engineering a product, but as long as part of what I’m building is interesting, hard, or uses some cool new thing, I’m not going to be bored. If I was bored, I’m going to be multi-tasking to the point I’m pushing code around my plate, procrastinating, mentally checked out, and disinterested.  “Oh, that thing. Yeah. Let me just do this TPS report first. Did I forget to write a nil case for that feature test I wrote two weeks ago? Should probably confirm that.”

There’s many different things that might motivate you to write code. Learning new tech, cool products, open sourcing code, hard challenges to overcome, whatever it might be. Is your company keeping you from being bored? If you are, have you talked to your manager? If you have, and it’s still an issue, there are no shortage of jobs out there-go find a company that is going to make you excited to go to work everyday.

And the requisite pitch-If the idea of solving the payments problem for the new bottom-up economy sounds exciting to you, checkout wepay.com/jobs. Or email scott@wepay.com and I’ll put you in touch with the right people.


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