What I’m reading 8/13/2015

  • Performance w/o the Event Loop – Dave Cheney on how Golang gives us performance without having to resort to Evented code.
  • Docker Tool Box – Boot2Docker is Dead, long live Docker Toolbox. If you use/have used/want to use containers, check this out.
  • Gockerize – Love Go + Docker? Create docker instances of your static binaries with ease.
  • Resize.ly Resize Images on the fly! A paid version of thumbor basically.
  • Guardian’s Grid Open Sourced – The Guardian just open sourced their image management system. It’s pretty great.
  • Programming off the Grid – As someone who loves to travel, this is very relevant and similar to my offline workflow. Coding without internet is not only possible, I find myself more productive! Railscamps are a great time to test your skillz.
  • Uncle Bob tells us- Let the Magic Die – Just more Uncle Bob wisdom bombs being thrown.
  • Doing Postgres HA – I’ve often been challenged by getting Postgres running on more than one box, a reason why I often fall back to MySQL. CitrusDB (though paid) seems like a good alternative. Note I’ve never tried it or talked to them, just looks cool.
  • Why Incremental Improvement is better than Revolution – A talk about why small improvements are better than a big change.

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