Using QRAR to detect QRCodes with your AR Drone

A post for the blog series “Development Notes: Made Public”, where I post things it took me forever to Google for my own use, and perhaps someday yours.

Today I was hacking on my parrot drone and ran into a problem installing QRAR. ¬†What QRAR does is it detect QR Codes that your drone sees and decodes them for you-pretty useful if you’re looking to use QR Codes.

Unfortunately the install wasn’t particularly easy. Ran into a bug with Cairo. After much head banging, the fix turned out to be pretty simple.

The full install is just:

Download & install¬† (it’s a dmg)

export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/opt/X11/lib/pkgconfig
brew install cairo ffmpeg
npm install qrar

And you’re all set! Happy decoding!

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