Back in the Bay Area after an awesome 3 days in Kansas City for We went to the moon and back twice, learned about databases that will make your ops life boring, got a crash course in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks (MANETs) and even watched Avdi Grimm harness his inner Jamie Hyneman while using Bash to create a web application. Sidenote-I can’t wait for BashTapas.

While it’ll be a bit before the talks come out, if you’re interested in diving into some of the content that was on display, I’ve made you a list of links to dive into some of the topics I found most interesting.

Facebook’s PHP on steroids programming language Hack 

@caseysoftware’s slides on API Design , his book

Checkout @jewelia’s company for indie hardware and check out SparkCore for arguably the best device to get started on hacking hardware today.

Avdi’s Bash Chat App and corresponding presentation

@presidentbeef talks about MANETs, mobile ad-hoc wireless networks, which is a good primer.

Apache Cassandra-datastax info page for it and here’s the project page

And that should keep you busy! Congrats and thanks to all the speakers for your presentations and a huge thanks to the organizers who put on a flawless conference-you’d have no idea this was your first time!

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