Read If You Are a Developer Who Likes Being Happy

Phew, glad we weeded out all those happy-haters out there.

If you’re reading this, you probably already know about the “Happiness Manifesto”, an open-sourced value set meant to qualify the underpinnings of our developer community.  It turns out that developers like to be happy and care about their culture-who knew? The conversations sparked and discussions had were really amazing, truly humbling and shows just how awesome the Ruby community is. With that, it’s time to stop talking about developer happiness and start BEING happy developers.

How do you get a bunch of developers in one place, to have brain-sparking fun? A conference of course!

Next Spring, in the metro-Boston area, we’re going to throw a conference unlike any conference you’ve ever been to. Venue, dates, etc is all undecided but here’s what we can confirm-you will have an amazing time.

Oh who is planning this? Right now, besides moi, we’ve got veteran Boston.rb + BostonGolang organizer Mark Bates onboard to put on a kickass conference, along with a couple others to-be-named-later.

What can you expect?

You’re going to learn some new tools and practices to make your development better.

You’re going to learn about some awesome interesting things that have no impact on your developer life.

You’re going to meet new friends, connect with old friends, and geek out with some amazing people.

Are you a developer who likes being happy? Visit this link to get on the list to be notified when tickets go on sale.

Are you a company? Do you care about developer happiness? Do you need exposure to amazing developers? Then you should join us as a sponsor. Reach out to and we’ll find a kickass way for you to participate, poised to fit any budget.


UPDATE: Tickets are on sale! Sign up here


One thought on “Read If You Are a Developer Who Likes Being Happy

  1. We’re using scrum teams for product development and tracking happiness metrics at the end of each sprint. One team does a daily happiness checkin as well as an end-sprint. One of our challenges is how to address developer unhappiness when the root cause is outside the team or of a larger systemic nature – something the team may not have control over, or where escalation to a line manager has been fruitless. Very interested in the conference and hearing about others’ experiences.

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