Off to this week!

So I’m heading to Kansas City, MO this week. I’ve even learned that MO stands for Missouri, not Montana (thanks @avdi).  Truly excited for the inaugural, cross disciplinary conference smack in the middle of America.

Whenever I’m in a new city, I like to make a list of places to try and hit (and even when I don’t make it to most of them, it’s a good jumping off point). So for my fellow attendees, I thought I’d share my list in case you’re spending a couple extra days in the city…

–> Food + Drinking? Voltaire is known as a great place for old-fashioned, cocktails, and a cool layout

–> Want to see how Harley-Davidson’s are made? Consider a factory tour…

–> Want to gamble? Hollywood Casino Kansas

–> How about a museum about… money?

–> A museum about… a steamboat! (actually looks pretty cool)

–> Are you into great art museums?

There you have it, a quick list of the top places to go in Kansas City, Missouri.  Have additions? Leave them in the comments or tweet me @scottefein



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