Goodbye WePay

Let’s not bury the lead shall we?

As of today, I have decided to leave WePay to pursue a new challenge. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the opportunities WePay has given me and am immensely grateful for their support both of me and of the developer community. During my time with WePay I was proud to help support the community, often through coffee bars and sponsorship at conferences, and a talk or two. I still believe in WePay’s mission and wish the whole team the best of luck in the future! Thank you WePay.

What’s next?

For the past year, I’ve been traveling on average three weeks out of the month, meeting and getting to know a wide variety of developers and technical professionals. Likely if you’re reading this, you met me at an event I was speaking at or sponsoring as a part of my work at WePay. While it’s been a fantastic ride, it’s time to go back to spending the majority of my time building things, perhaps even being in one place for more than a week at a time. More details to come on that…

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