Best Practices for Handling User Uploaded Images

One of the challenges of running any sort of website where your users upload images is you and your users interests are very different. Your user has no understanding of performance, does not care about the tradeoff between image quality and page load time, and has no real concept of what file types they should […]

Receiving Emails with Ruby and Mailgun

Example App Repo: Background: While building an application that required receiving and parsing emails, I first had to figure out how to get the emails into my application to start with. Luckily most developer friendly email services provide some sort of incoming email parsing utility, so I didn’t have to look far. My Requirements: Posts emails […]

Redirect a Subdomain to Route 53 from GoDaddy

Background: I’ve recently started working on a web application where the domain was purchased through GoDaddy.  Personally, I use, they’ve always had the functionality I needed and their interface is nice to look at. This post is about overcoming a specific challenge I had with GoDaddy so I could avoid using their DNS. Scenario: With […]

Setting up a Password Protected Asgard Server with Tomcat

Netflix’s Asgard In this post I’ll walk you through setting up a Tomcat configuration that will run Asgard, with a basic auth password. I still recommend restricting access to the server from your own IP, but this provides another layer of protection. Step 1: Create a VPC/Security Group Setup a VPC or EC2 Security Group […]

Welcome to SEF Industries

As I often have things that need to be written down and shared, this is my way of sharing them. I’m doing this for two reasons. One is that I’m grateful for all the blog posts out there that have helped me figure something out, taught me something new, or proved in someway to be […]