Recap: Rackspace Solve SF 2014

Update on the Floppy Drives: Rackspace’s @waynewalls: @scottefein, if you’d like a floppy drive to perform an Office Space penny skimming scheme at Initech, we could probably help I had the pleasure today of attending Rackspace Solve, a new Rackspace conference focused on showcasing Rackspace success stories. While arguably incredibly self-promoting, I learned a lot about […]

Multiple Data Centers for your Rails App: Database Edition

So you have a Rails Application. And you decide that you don’t want to be the chum who puts all his eggs in one basket and every time your data center goes down. Luckily for you, there’s some cost-effective solutions to move you closer to your goal of 99.99% uptime. Let’s start with your database […]

Austin on Rails + New Rails Infrastructure Series

Just got back from Austin on Rails, an AWESOME meetup at the Capitol Factory in Downtown Austin. I was fortunate enough to get to speak about a topic I really enjoy, and that’s building redundant architecture for Rails Applications-“How to Zombie Proof Your Rails App”. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be taking several of […]


Back in the Bay Area after an awesome 3 days in Kansas City for We went to the moon and back twice, learned about databases that will make your ops life boring, got a crash course in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks (MANETs) and even watched Avdi Grimm harness his inner Jamie Hyneman while using Bash to […]

Off to this week!

So I’m heading to Kansas City, MO this week. I’ve even learned that MO stands for Missouri, not Montana (thanks @avdi).  Truly excited for the inaugural, cross disciplinary conference smack in the middle of America. Whenever I’m in a new city, I like to make a list of places to try and hit (and even when I […]

Hello WePay

For the past year or so I’ve been working at the Purpose Foundation, developing and scaling the open source Purpose Platform. And after 12 months and many sleepless nights, the platform is in a much happier place than it was when I started. Especially now that Purpose LLC hiring a substantial team to take it […]

Leave No Trace – Testing for Legacy Codebases

We’ve all inherited projects, either when starting new jobs or taking on new clients, that might have been untested, hard to test, or had poor/untrusted test coverage. This creates significant challenges when learning what the code is suppose to do, before you even try to improve, add, or make changes to what’s there. You have to […]

Using QRAR to detect QRCodes with your AR Drone

A post for the blog series “Development Notes: Made Public”, where I post things it took me forever to Google for my own use, and perhaps someday yours. Today I was hacking on my parrot drone and ran into a problem installing QRAR.  What QRAR does is it detect QR Codes that your drone sees […]

Heap vs. Google Analytics – 3 Months In

I’ve been using Heap for about 3 months now, mostly as an easy way to pull data about traffic, clicks, and to do some basic cohort analysis. While I’ve been an occasional user of Google Analytics for quite a while, I was never a “power user” and often found myself rediscovering how to do things […]

When Heroku Goes Rogue

I recently had an interesting experience where Heroku was running an old version of my codebase, so I had to go in and figure out how to start fresh. This was one of those production only problems, which helped isolate it as an environment issue. Note I’ve never had this happen before in years of […]