Accessing Old Images with Google Compute Engine

This morning I had the unfortunately problem that the new CentOS image from GCE doesn’t work with large disks. I needed a 5 TB disk, however this failed to boot.

If I’d know how to access old CentOS images, I could have resolved this problem very quickly.  Turns out through gcutil, you can simple do:

gcutil listimages  --old_images

Which will give you a list of all the images available. Then you just need to run

gcutil addinstance instance-name --image projects/centos-cloud/global/images/centos-6-v20131120

And now you have a disk with the old image. Just snapshot it, and you have it to use forever.  In hindsight, I recommend snapshotting any image you use regularly in case this problem occurs for you. This is obviously rare and the stock GCE images work fine, but it can happen.

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